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Health Reset Challenge - 2024 - "Mindset & Motivation"

Let's kickstart our 2024 with the BEST possible mindset we can!

We'll delve into what motivates & demotivates us, and what you can do about it. 

I'll introduce you to my own 3-step signature approach to building & maintaining a truly Positive Mindset.

With 2023 being our Healthy All Year focus, this one is all about starting your year mentally strong.

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5 Days 5 Ways - celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week

This years theme is "Five Ways, Five Days" - couldn't suit me better if they tried!

I'm going to embrace the "five" theme. Over 5 days I'll share resources to help you, your whānau, friends, colleagues, be in better mental health.

Click on the Learn More button to find out how this is going to roll out.

Health Reset - 2023 "Healthy All Year" - challenge

Time to kick '22 out the door and bring in a revitalised you for '23.

Join me over 3 days and begin your Year of Health with a short, sharp challenge.

Just 1hr per day is all you need to get your 2023 "Healthy All Year" campaign up & running. Recorded LIVE in January!

You'll get access to my signature "Top 5" worksheets, printable graphics & notes, plus the option to get a 1:1 consult with me at a special Health Reset price!

Health Reset 2023 - The Winter Version

Every year Winter brings a whole new set of challenges!

So now it's time for me to put my words into action, and support YOU in discovering the best immune support options for YOU.

Join me over 3 days (just 30mins each day) for my take on how to get through Winter in style.

Just click on the "learn more" button to see more detail about what's involved.

Health Reset Challenge 2022 (free)

Every year I do a short sharp review of my health. In January 2022 I ran my first free Health Reset Challenge.

Now YOU can enjoy your own short, sharp review of your own health. Take some time to adjust & re-set your actions and decisions as they relate to not only your health but all aspects of your life!

Keep Going! a few more Health Reset sessions

I LOVED my first Health Reset Challenge in Jan '22 so much I decided to run monthly sessions too!

Think of these more as a guide or a coaching session, with a wee challenge thrown in to keep you on your toes.

If you haven't done the FREE 3-day challenge I strongly suggest starting there. I reference it a lot and each month I build on an aspect of that challenge. I'll cover things in a bit more depth, & give you a more detailed "Top 5" sheet.

Join the nourishe Health Reset group on facebook & you can watch the livestream of each monthly session as they happen, plus you'll get sent the zoom link if you prefer to join that way.  

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